White Vertical Blinds

In the White Room, with Black Curtains…

My daughter recently turned 10 and we told her this year as part of her birthday present we would repaint her bedroom if she picked the color.  She was super excited to pick the paint but the one caveat was she had to help prep for the painting and had to decide if she wanted roll or cut in.  We went through some learning opportunities from picking some whites that were way too white, to figuring out why you can’t roll a roller full of paint 50 miles per hour up and down a wall (think – I don’t remember this watch, shirt and forearm being white speckled?!?)

I’ve started a new chapter in my life with a business that is closely related to interior design so I was excited to think like a designer and try to pull a light blue out of her comforter cover for an accent wall.  I couldn’t sell her on it though.  Once the light blue swatch color was painted on the wall she promptly told me, “No Dad, I think I just want the whole room white.”  Being a cool, calm and collected Dad (after 7 years of yoga) I breathed through the fact that she was dissing my suggestion and came to grips that it was her room and if all white is what she wants, all white is what she gets.

It still took 3 coats to cover her old spring green color.  She helped out fiercely with the first coat then less and less on the 2nd and 3rd as the lure of her phone and certain short clip apps beat out helping Mom and Dad.  We were ok with that though because as she helped with most of the furniture moving, taping, tarping, prep work and eventually the rolling she got a feeling for the hard work that goes into painting just one room.  As we headed to the paint store the second day in row to get enough for the third coat I asked her, “ So what did we learn from this experience?” She replied, “That painting is hard work but it’s a wonderful way to make something beautiful.”  I guess that’s all I really could’ve asked for out of this adventure.  I want this next generation to know there are going to be hard things to do in this world.  But if you set a goal, put in the grit and follow through, you can make something beautiful.

Next project: Installing motorized “blackout” cellular shades in her room that she can control through her home automation device.  

Matt Linnane is a part time Landlord, part time Blind installer and Full time Dad and Husband in Central Pennsylvania.  His business is Made in the Shade Blinds and more and can be found at www.mitscentralpa.com.