Why NOT to Buy Window Treatments from a Big Box Store

When someone is considering new window treatments, the majority will head down to their big box store to get ideas and see what products are available to cover their windows. (OR are available to them)

Window coverings are essential for a variety of reasons such as privacy, lighting and temperature control. But they can also make a statement and make a house, well, feel like home. So many times it is frustrating at a big box store when you wait forever to get to talk with someone only to find out they’re not an expert in window coverings at all! Now you’re on your own to figure out the style, type, functionality…… and so on.

Another downside is when you’re in a store , it’s hard to remember exactly how the furniture looks or the exact color of the walls. When the showroom is brought to you, you’ll know if the window shades will look good and coordinate with the rest of the room.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and find an expert that knows exactly what they’re doing and help you make all the decisions you need so there’s no buyers remorse. But even if you decide to buy from a big box store, you find yourself being handed off to several other people for ordering, scheduling, and finally installation. Then the day comes for installation of your blinds purchased from the big box store. Once they’re up, the color just doesn’t look like it did in the store or it doesn’t fit quite right in the windows. Now what?

Well, there’s an easier and less frustrating way to get the perfect window treatments. Go directly to a window covering expert. A shop at home company that brings the showroom to you!

Why go with the experts?
Because this is what they do, it’s their specialty! Expert sales people will provide a free in-home consultation for a personalized shopping experience. They will hold up samples to your window so you can visualize what it will look like, show color options so you can see it next to your wall color and put it on the floor to see how it looks against the flooring. They will ask questions to understand how you use your space. They will look at the natural and artificial lighting in the room. Is it an office space where you zoom? A family room with too much glare on the television? A need for privacy from neighbors? Understanding what’s important to you will help them recommend the best type of shade for your windows so it takes all of the guess work out!

Once the blinds have been chosen and ordered, you won’t have to call several times to get order and shipping status. They will communicate with you every step of the way. And when the blinds are shipped from the manufacturer they will call to set up an installation time that works with your schedule. There’s no four-hour window where you have to wait around for the installer to show up. The time you set up the appointment is the time your installer will show up.

Additional benefits are quality manufacturers, better warranties, expert measuring and professional installation. Don’t forget that they also get the best pricing from manufactures that are handed down to you, the customer. And best of all, you’re supporting a local business!